Thank you to our valued partners and families for your support of Kids in the Back!


"You think that you might know everything about car seat safety, but you learn quickly that you don't! Everyone using a car seat should have to take this workshop, it shouldn't be an option. Nothing is more important than this material and Colleen's teaching style is excellent! She was engaging, informative, funny and held our attention throughout the hour! Simply fantastic and very educational."

Hayley and Tony, Maple Ridge


"We,(and our monkey), attended your car seat clinic today and I have forwarded your contact information to prenatal class and to all of my pregnant friends! That was such a great use of our time and we feel much more confident that we will be using the seat safely. We also appreciated your friendly and informative approach. Thanks again!"

Jenny and Tom, Richmond


"This workshop was very informative and helpful. Colleen was extremely personable and fun, plus we learned so much! I highly recommend it for every expectant parent!"

Karen, North Vancouver


"Wow! What we didn't know and what we needed to! Thank you so much! Our friends made fun of us for registering...Ha! they need to come! The hands on learning was great and the instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Thanks, we really enjoyed our evening!"

Bob and Mara, Vancouver


"We learned so many 'tricks of the trade' from Colleen! She has a great personality and made everything we learned easy to understand. Well worth the time and was money well spent.

Paul and Sam, Coquitlam


"Colleen was very articulate, had a wealth of information and was very approachable. Thank you so much. This was great! We are confident now and can't wait for our baby to get here."

Cynthia and Craig, Surrey


We learned so much more then we thought we would! Colleen was very knowledgeable about product information and answered all of our questions and concerns. Everyone should take this class!"

Kelly and Jason, Coquitlam


"Being first time parents we had no idea what to do with the seat! The instructor was great, knowledgeable and way more helpful then the manual! We highly recommend every expectant parent attend a clinic!"

Margo and Tim, Vancouver


"I will admit that I was reluctant to go to a clinic because I thought it was a waste of time and money, but I am not too proud to admit that I was really wrong! Colleen was great and broke everything down for us so that it was easy to understand. We are confident now and can't wait for our baby to get here! Best money I ever spent!"

John, Vancouver


"We were told about Kids in the Back at our prenatal class at Women's Hospital and we knew nothing about car seats before we arrived. Colleen rocks! She speaks with incredible passion, is friendly, funny and knowledgeable. She made learning about car seats fun...which we didn't think was possible :-)We would highly recommend this experience for any expectant parents!

Chris and Tamara, Richmond